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About Us

About Us

What is Ringless Messages?

Ringless Messages is an easy to use web-based software for any sales professional. With Ringless Messages you can instantly and easily leave your voice mail without having your recipient's cellphone ring, this means they automatically receive a notification without interrupting their daily activities.

How does it work?

With the Ringless Messages system you can add your list of cellphone recipients and instantly send all of them your fully customized voice mail message to each cellphone without making an actual call, their cellphone never rings and is never charged for a call. Plus, they can listen to your message wherever and whenever! **With some cellphone carriers, the recipient's phone may ring once, then your message will drop, this rarely happens and is due to the carrier not the system.**

How It Works

Check out this video to see how works!


How Ringless Messages Could Be Used

  • Car Dealerships are always running special deals to entice buyers. You want to advertise but commercials are expensive and ads online only reach a certain amount of people. Now, you can leave a voicemail directly on a potential buyers phone to let them know you have a great sale going on! Let them know personally that you want to see them this weekend to give them the best deal!

  • Politics is a tough game, you want the vote but you don’t want to overbear your potentials with constant calls. With Ringless Messages, you can leave a heartfelt personalized voicemail to every potential vote without interrupting their daily lives.